Winter Track Workouts




The first track workout is January 5th and goes through February 23rd.  Eight total weeks.  The workouts will start Thursday mornings at 5:00 AM and end at 5:45 AM.  Workouts are held at the York High School Field House.  Park in the SOUTH GYM PARKING LOT and use Door #17 to enter.   You must be an ERC paid member to participate in these workouts.  We’ll have membership forms available for you to fill out at the track or if you want to sign up ahead of time, just click on the membership tab.  This is really a great way to start the year.  All levels are welcome.   Just as with our outdoor track workouts, you can always just show up and run on the outside lane at your pace and get some warm early morning miles in.  Set your alarms and take advantage of this great ERC training event.

Week 1

12 x 400 with 1 min rest or jog between (6 one way & 6 the other way)

Complete anaerobic workout, working the VO2 max systems. This type of workout forces your body to work harder than race pace, which builds your VO2 max level higher so when you do race, the pace doesn’t feel as fast. VO2 is the amount of oxygen that gets pump through your blood through the body. The higher this level is, the faster and more efficient your body can do this. This also adds some turnover to your legs and helps strengthen some fast twitch muscles that sometimes get ignored when training for longer races.

Week 2

6 x 800 with 2 min rest or jog between

Great workout. 800’s are a great distance to train with since they work the aerobic systems, but also require some turnover and use the anaerobic systems. I call it Speed Endurance. Especially running on an indoor Track, 4 laps is very doable and not very tedious.

Week 3

5 x 1000 with 2 min rest

Just like the 800’s, 1000’s are a great training distance. Slightly more aerobic than an 800, but again, not a ton of laps on an indoor track. Depending on the pace, you can do even more than 5 of these. This is touching a bit higher than Speed Endurance and I would call this an Aerobic workout. Building that aerobic level is highly important no matter the distance.

Week 4

8 x 600 with 1 min rest

I really like this workout. I think the 600 distance is really not used as much as it could be. What makes the distance tough, is that you want to run it like a 400, but that last 200 is really tough. It’s a great way to work on pushing yourself that extra bit. I think the 600 is the essence of speed endurance. You work the anaerobic system right away, but if you do a lot of reps, you build your aerobic level too. The 1 min rest makes it really tough too. You could even increase that to 90 secs to get that extra few mins total during the workout. 

Week 5

1000, 800, 600, 400, 200, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 1 min between

Another great mix of anaerobic and aerobic work. You’re working both systems and then making adjustments halfway. You’re training the body to adjust through a workout. After the 200’s there is going to be a lot of lactic acid in your legs, but then you have to continue to run longer distance. It’s great training for a 5k/8k distance. The last mile of a race, the lactic acid is there so you need to train your body to hold pace even with it present.

Week 6

16 x 400 with 1 min rest

Anaerobic workout. 400’s really build lactic acid in your legs and touch that VO2 max systems. 400’s are required in 5k training. You have to feel that race pain in workouts so you can tolerate it in a race. Consistency is the key. Find a hard pace and hold on.

Week 7

2 sets of 600, 400, 200, 200, 400, 600 with 2 mins rest

I really like this workout. This is a speed workout. The 600’s are a great distance to start because it makes everything else feel short. Building back up is again triggering that lactic acid push that you need to get through at the end of the race. Plus going back up touches the aerobic level though should be pretty strong by this point of the season.

Week 8

2 sets of 600,  800, 1000 with 2 mins between

Nice little aerobic workout. I say aerobic, but building up requires strength. Trying to hold the same pace as you climb up in distance is tough and requires you to really pull from your aerobic systems. Nice workout and not high mileage, but still 1.5 miles after one set is solid.