Board Meeting Minutes

ERC Annual Meeting Agenda

November 1st @ 6:30 PM

Elmhurst Library Gathering Room

Members Present: Dave Kaczynski, Sheila Kaczynski, Jennifer Velasco, Cherie Durrett, Ninfa Quequep, Letty Delgado, Sara Creager, Doug Wolfinger

Meeting was called to order at: 6:30


Meeting ended at: 7:23

  1. Financials

    1. We Have To determine the amount of funds that need to be moved from the race bank account to the ERC bank account.  Decide in December.

  2. Voting

    1. New Terms Up for: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

    2. Ballotbin

    3. Last Year Looked like:

      1. Election Nominations open:: 11/10-11/16

        1. Accept Nomination by: 11/20

        2. Actual Voting will be: 11/21-27

  3. New Projects

    1. End of Summer Party November 10th @ Manny’s @ 6PM

      1. 2 drink tickets

    2. Holiday Lights Ugly Sweater Run DATE: and BUDGET December 16th @5PM

    3. Holiday Tree Decorating on the Path in Villa Park-Purchase ERC Tree Date from Sherri Anderson who will need old shoes

    4. Brewpoint Discounts or other businesses- wear ERC gear- 10%- Saturdays

    5. ERC Gear- Elmhurst is for Runners

      1. CR Embroidery

    6. Twitter Handle @elmhurstrunningclub

    7. New Years Day Run and Host- Open to hosting on 1/1/19 @9AM?

  4. Track

    1. Outdoor Track with Akita continue next year

    2. Indoor Track Dates Thursday 4:45-5:45

      1. Insurance January-February

      2. Member list/ sign in

      3. Track emails will say you need to be a member January-December

  5. Successes

    1. Athleta and Kind- 8/18- Fun Event!

    2. Summer Running

      1. # signed up

      2. Marathon Training -2018 Marathon Coordinator Matt Mcgovern did a terrific job!

      3. Next steps next year?

      4. Kroy 20- miler- schedule support and help?

      5. Fox Valley Coupon Code

    3. Summer Picnic was FUN!

      1. @ Butterfield Park Shelter with grills and Electricity, Saturday 8/25 2-7PM, People brought dish to pass or dessert while ERC provided Hamburgers/hotdogs/buns

      2. Fun for all families-park, fun!

    4. Summer Social Happy Hours

      1. Every 3rd Thursday of the Month--Starts @7pm @ Doc’s Victory Pub, 3 dollar beers and ½ price apps, Thirsty Third Thursdays- May-September

      2. Standing up vs. Sitting

    5. Arboretum Pass

      1. Keep Using it all winter! Arb opens @7AM, Coffee opens at 9:00AM,

  6. Connections

    1. Chicago Recovery Room

      1. ERCPromo". I have it running till Aug. 31st for now (I can always extend it if need be). It is for a one-time use only for 20% and can be used for a 30-minute tune-up, injury evaluation and a single-day recovery session(valid only at the Hinsdale location). The member will just have to give the promo code upon checking out from the Chicago Recovery Room. SHOULD WE CONTINUE THIS?

  7. 4 on the 4th

    1. Updates- ECAF donation in December


  1. CARA Race updates

    1. CARA Circuit- Table for Banquet- Depends on Race of the Year

  2. Comments and concerns

    1. KROY $500?

      1. Contact about Donation- 20 miler  support





Spring—First Saturday in February 2nd @10:30 AM
















ERC Annual Meeting Agenda

February 3rd @11:30 AM

Elmhurst Library Board Room

Members Present: Ninfa Queyquep, Cherie Durrett, Doug Pearson, John Kolman, Letty Delgado, Dave Kaczynski, Sherri Anderson, Bob Richards, Sara Creager


Meeting was called to order at 11:38PM

  1. Welcome New Board!
    1. Sara Creager- President, Letty Delgado-Vice President, Nancy O’brien- Secretary, Ninfa Q -Treasurer
  2. New Years Day Run
      1. Hosted by the Sanders on 1/1 @9AM -Board expressed thanks to the Sanders for hosting!
      2. Great Success!
  3. Morale High
    1. Hats
    2. Proud to be in the ERC!
  4. Family Ugly Sweater Run Night
    1. Success! Fun Lights, headbands, treats
    2. People brought deserts and ERC purchased snacks- food out earlier
      1. 3 Mile group run
  5. Track
    1. Success! Many runners coming out!
    2. Kudos to John Appleton- The board expressed thanks to John’s efforts and enthusiasm helping everyone get started.
      1. 1st week-26
      2. 2nd week- 31
      3. Insurance–2 years USA  T & F
      4. Outdoor Track- include multiple distances, in favor of York Track AM workouts more consistent 4:45 W/u 5:00 Workouts, Thursdays communicate with York personal, insurance
  6. New Projects
    1. Database to connect members
    2. Logo Design- member vote
  7. 4 on the 4th
    1. RACE OF THE YEAR 2017!
    2. Next committee meeting February 7th
    3. Purchased Tickets to Banquet February 3rd
    4. John to work on insurance needs
  8. Renew Arboretum Pass
    1. Email out how to log into APP
    2. Sara will renew before the end of February
    3. Would someone like to lead a Saturday/Sunday run group to introduce members to the benefits of the Arb?
  9. Marathon Training
    1. 2018 Marathon Coordinator needed
    2. Would anyone like to assist or play a role?
  10. Couch to 4 Mile
    1. Leadership
    2. Would two people be interested in helping? M/W Run Dates
  11. Annual Party
    1. February/March
    2. Date/Location/Host
    3. Need a host or location?
  12. Newcomers Run Date
    1. May 12
  13. Financials
    1. Fiscal year through 2/28
    2. Dave has asked to hold onto financials until end of February
    3. Variances- website/email costs, some multi-year costs,  hats noted in supplies
    4. Money that come to club had build up in race account, each year will not have this amount of money
  14. CARA updates
    1. 2 Winners + ROTY


Meeting was dismissed at 1:00



Spring–May 3rd @ 6:00@  Elmhurst Public Library  

Summer–August 9th @ 6:00@  Elmhurst Public Library  

Winter–November 1st @ 6:00@  Elmhurst Public Library  

ERC Agenda

November 8th, 2017 @7PM

Elmhurst Library

Members Present: Sara Creager, Letty Delgado, Dave Kaczynski, Sheila Kaczynski, Mark Boozell, Cherie Durrett, Doug Pearson, Bob Richards

  1. Elections – Ballotbin
    1. Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President are 1 year terms
    2. Election Nominations open:: 11/10-11/16
      1. Accept Nomination by: 11/20
      2. Actual Voting will be: 11/27-12/1
    3. New Board Presented at Annual Meeting 2/3
  2. 4 on the 4th
    1. ERC vs. Charity Proceed vote for 4 on the 4th 60% Charity 40% ERC this year subject to  proceeds
    2. Make charity donations promptly
    3. Next committee meeting February 7th- Open to everyone
  3. Marathon Training Recap
    1. Group collaboration was a success
    2. 2018 Marathon Coordinator?
  4. Couch to 5k Recap
    1. Possible sponsors?
    2. Need more advertising
    3. Make Banner to recruit more people
  5. Shoe Tag
    1. Budget
      1. Looking into further sources
  6. WInter Running
    1. Coffee Shop Runs- Nick Parisi idea
    2. Meet at Brewpoint and go on 5 mile route on Saturdays in the winter
  7. Holiday Tree Decorating
  8. Family Ugly Sweater Run Night
    1. 12/17 @ 6PM
    2. Fitz’s
  9. Annual Party
    1. Looking for a host
    2. Award ideas?
    3. 2/24 or 3/3
  10. New Years Day Run
    1. Host
  11. Indoor Track
    1.  Start process with Athletic Director to reserve for Jan/Feb 2018
    2. Sara working through USATF membership and renewal
  12. CARA Circuit
    1. Table for Banquet February 3rd
  13. Financials

Next Meeting Date: Annual Meeting February 3rd

Donation Process:

  • The beneficiary organization or charity event must be located within the State of Illinois.
  • Club members get preference over outside requests.
  • Preference will be given to organizations which pledge volunteership with the club through the 4 on the 4th Race, the Summer Training 20 Miler, and Summer Running Gatorade support..
  • Charities with missions that are closely aligned with the club’s mission get first consideration (examples are organizations such as Girls on the Run, Boys & Girls Clubs)
  • All requests must be made at least one month from the date of the event where the race application is to be awarded. Any request made with less than one month remaining before the event will be declined.
  • Elmhurst Running Club reserves the right to accept or deny any donation request.
  • The Elmhurst Running Club does not donate to religious or political organizations.

If you or your organization meets the above listed criteria, please email, the following information:

  •       Names of club member(s) on the charity team or affiliated with the charity (if applicable).
  •       Beneficiary of fundraising event, or charity name if a direct donation.
  •       Date of fundraising event (if applicable).
  •       Location of event (if applicable).
  •       Mission of charity.
  •       Fundraising event details, or details about how the donation will be used.
  •       Contact information including a phone number and email.

ERC Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2017


Dave Kaczynski, Sandra Andrade, Sara Creager, Letty Delgado


4 on the 4th Report

  • Proceed Distributions

Email Distribution Lists

Marathon Training/Summer Training Update

Marathon Party

  • Location – TBD
  • Date – Oct 21st ?
  • Budget

20 Miler (1st)

  • Date – Sept 2rd
  • 1 table at mile marker 9 and 1 at TBD
  • budget?

20 Miler (2nd)

  • Date – Sept 16th

Couch to 5K/ Trick or Trot 5k

  • August 21st – Monday & Wednesday @ 630pm

Glow Run/Halloween run

  • Date – Oct 29th @ 6pm
  • Candy at start
  • Budget?

Holiday Run

  • Christmas Lights Run/Ugly Sweater Run
  • Date – Dec 9th

CARA Circuit

Budge for Future events


Next Meeting – November 8th

ERC Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2017


Dave Kaczynski, Sandra Andrade, Sara Creager, Mark Boozell, Letty Delgado, Jen Bercier, Sheila Kaczynski, Mike Garrigan, Cherie Durrett, Kathleen Kilian, Bob Richards, Sherri Anderson

Dave Kacyznski

  • Review of financials/expenses
  • As of Oct 1, 2016 to present – 42 new members, 160 renewed memberships

Sara Creager

  • Marathon Training Program
    • Still need volunteers
      • pace groups setup
      • gatorade set-up alternating weekends
    • Outdoor Track
      • Contact Akita
      • Alternate locations – Timothy’s Track or Elmhurst College
    • 6/3 – Informational 1st run 6 miles
    • 6/6 – 1st track workout
    • Track training programs
      • Marathon
      • Half
      • 10k

CARA Circuit – Dave Kacyznski

  • 4th race of circuit – Quarryman
  • Standings
    • Combined – 4th from bottom
    • Open Men – 5th
    • Open Women – 4th
    • Masters Men – 4th
    • Masters Women – 3rd
    • Veteran Men – 2nd

4 on the 4th – Bob Richards & Sherri Anderson

  • Need Volunteers
    • Packet Stuffers
    • Packet Pickup
    • Race Day events
  • Step up promotions
  • Need Sponsors
  • June 5th – price increase

New Comers Run – Sara Creager

  • Saturday, May 13th
  • Wear ERC or Race Shirts
  • Setup @ 730am

Global Running Day – Sara Creager

  • June 6
  • 3 mile run @ 6pm from Gazebo
  • Create Facebook Event to promote

Annual Picnic – Sara Creager

  • Need a date and host

Budget for Future Events – Dave Kacyznski

  • New Comers Run
  • Marathon Training
  • Marathon Party

Next Meeting – Aug 29th


ERC Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2017



Letty Delgado, Ninfa Queyquep, Nancy O’Brien, Michael Albrecht,  George LeDonne,  Marge Mahoney, Eric Pollard,  Melissa Correa  Lori Wallace, Frank Wallace, Sherri Anderson,  Doug Pearson, Bob Richards, Chuck Forster,John McKoane, Buster McKoane, John Taflan, Cherri Durett, Claudia Oropeza,  Sarah Carlson, Nancy Blum,  Roger Kiiojuf, Sandy Ringesteller, Dave Kaczynski, Sara Creager, Mark Boozell

Introductions on New and Old Board.

Sandy Ringsletter

  • Review of Financials/Expenses
  • Majority of Memberships are online.   308 Total Members
  • Morton Arboretum Membership due.
  • Sherri Anderson:   50 visits in 2016
  • PayPal expenses
  • Party Expenses?    People don’t turn in receipts.   Important to do so.
  • Marathon Training expenses.   Gatorade was supplied.  Needed to buy new coolers because some were stolen.  / $125 each
  • Most expensive item for Marathon training was the Marathon Party.
  • Also bought signage for Pace Groups, etc.  $100 for Flags
  • Left -over Gatorade:  Mark Boozell has some.
  • Sherri Anderson:  Question on Fiscal year v. Calendar year.   ERC fiscal year begins on 2/28.   Our membership is calendar year.
  • May need to change By-Laws so club can switch to calendar year.  Jon Taflan offered to help.
  • Sherri Anderson – when are indoor fees accumulated?

Winter Track Update:

  • Doug – attendance has been approximately 40 people.
  • Doors open at 445AM.  Have to leave by 545Am

4 on the 4th update /Bob Richards

  • Meeting scheduled for Feb. 10th.
  • Sponsors:    In Motion, Fleet Feet and Schiller Real Estate are booked.
  • 16 people are signed up for race.
  • PA & Safety Meeting is scheduled for Feb. 15th
  • Sherri Anderson:   New training program.  Lisa Krause to add Couch to 4 mile. Aligns with race.  Starts in April.     To encourage more people to run the race.
  • Sherry Ringesteller:  Race expenses:  Superior paid in 2016 – did not pay in 2015.
  • $7k went to ECAF
  • $1k to Club
  • Ending Balance:  $29,504

CARA Circuit overview:  Doug Pearson

  • Senior Men – 2nd
  • Senor Women – tied for 2nd
  • Julie Bruns – 1st female 45-49  Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Bob Sievert- 1st M65-69
  • Bob Richards 1st M65-69
  • Isola Metz 2nd F65-69
  • Bob McKeague 2nd Male 65-69
  • Sherri Anderson 3rd Female 40-44
  • Doug Pearson 3rd Men50-54
  • Leo Kulua 3rd Men 50-54
  • Adrian Malec 3rd M70-74
  • Eileen Malec 3rd F70-74
  • Sophia Sanchez – 1st Female 8 and under


First 6 Circuit Races of 15 for CARA

  • Lakefront 10 March 18th
  • Shamrock Shuffle April 2nd
  • Good Life April 23rd
  • Quarryman 10 mile May 13
  • Ridge Run 10k May 29th
  • Roselle Run for Roses 5k June 4th

Marathon Training/ Summer Training

Looking for Volunteers:

  • Duties:  Putting out Gatorade
  • Pace Leaders
  • Someone to run the entire program
  • Former Leaders?

New Ideas:

  • Glow Run – run at night with glow sticks
  • Encourage kids and Families
  • Need Volunteers
  • Membership Tags – for your shoes

New Business:

  • Dave:  Newer members – need your help
  • Morton Arboretum membership:
    • 2 cards – which allows in 10 people per card
    • Sherri Anderson:  Director of Membership at Morton is using our ERC membership as a model
    • Morton Arboretum
    • Sherri and Sara to follow up
  • How to honor Daryl May?   Through the 4 on 4th race?  Proceeds from Race?
  • Bench?  Mile Marker?
  • Lori  Wallace – time for a new logo
  • Dave K :  Inclusion is important
  • Jon Taflan – should do a survey of club members to determine what is important
  • Dave K :  Discussion on ways to improve the club.   Recognize criticism – attack the issue, not the person.
  • Annual Party Feb 18th, 7pm


ERC Meeting Minutes

November 15. 2016


Nancy O’Brien, Nancy Zappen, Rich Zappen, Dave Kaczynski, Kurt Fiene, Sherri Anderson, Mark Boozell, Doug Pearson.

Rich calls the meeting to order.

Sherri Anderson:  Notes on August Meeting Minutes:  Add attendance to meeting minutes.  Nancy Zappen will update.

4 on 4th Update/Recap

Waiting on timing bill.

Need to decide how much to donate to ECAF

1st meeting for 2017 will be either week after Thanksgiving of 1st week of December

CARA Circuit will be announced by December 1st

Permits will be applied for by early December

No word on whether Prarie Path (In Motion is new name) will sponsor for 2017

CARA Update

Senior Team finished 2nd.

A large number of ERC individuals did well.

4 on 4th is up for Race of the Year.

Doug – CARA Banquet – will the ERC pay for the Banquet Costs for 2017?  $980

ERC Elections:

Nancy Zappen/Mark Boozell:   Timeline is:  11/28 nominations for 1 week.   Elections 12/8-12/15. Annouce 12/16

Villa Park Christmas Tree.    Sherri will take over.   Elmhurst Christmas Tree is always donated/paid for by John

Winter Track

Rich ZappenRenew USTAF membership by November 1st. 

Nancy Zappen – will take care of certificate of insurance.   Nancy will also go on York website to secure the dates.   Checking to see if price is the same.    Also, check to see if we can secure fieldhouse for March.    (Highly unlikely as it has not been available in the past.)

Couch to 5k  – Lisa Krause will start again in April.   Will be training to run the 4 on the 4th.  Nancy Zappen: will put up on ERC website.   12 week program.

Holiday Lights Party:  December 18th, 2016.   $10 Gift exchange and ornament exchange.

News Year Day Brunch:  Sunday Jan1st at Sanders House again.   9am

Additional questions/topics:

Dave Kacsynski to host Feb 4th meeting and beginning of the year party.

2016 Awards to be handled by Board rather than voting category.   Ask for suggestions in the next ERC email.   Same categories as 2015.

ERC Newsletter to push renew membership.

Need to train new board on how to handle website, emails, etc.

Rich calls the meeting 7:42pm

ERC Board Meeting Minutes

August 24th, 2016

Present:  Nancy O’Brien, Nancy Zappen, Rich Zappen, Dave Kaczynski, Kurt Fiene, Sherri Anderson, Mark Boozell.

Review of Meeting Minutes- take out name of individual on the last meeting minutes who was mentioned in regards to 4 on 4th contributions.


Need to add the receipts from the Summer Picnic

Still pending:  cost of marathon party

Helped with funds for Couch to 5k costs, advertising

More members have joined and need to update the revenue from this.

4 on 4th

Sponsorship payments still outstanding.  Not sure which clients are still outstanding.

900 total finishers.   Down by 30 from 2015

108 kids.   Down by 50 from 2015

No timing bill has arrived yet.

No invoice yet for website.

Website went down race weekend

Contacting person who did ERC website

Over $25,000 left in Race account, with contributions still to be made

Some funds will be moved to the ERC

Sherri Anderson:  Outstanding committee.    Monthly meeting with at least 12 members showing up each month.  20 members in total committed their time.

Grade of “A” for the race by Bob and Sherri.   Testament of everyone who contributed.

Tough Competition for race of the year

Nancy Zappen:  Communication is key

Lots to improve on

Meet in the next month to review the race

Pinstripes:  Free wine gift card.  Great setup at race, but fruit kabob garbage was left at site.

Great to have new sponsors

The race fell on a Monday – this has an effect on the number of people who sign up.

Fleet Feet – 2 year/$750 commitments each year is over.  Need to negotiate each year.  Includes packet pack-up, Fri, Sat, Sun.  Lots of Volunteers.

Dave Kaczynski: well run, enjoyable event.  Need to be grooming new leadership.  Be ready to replace yourself.  Be careful, or it can stop.

Police liaison said it was a pleasure to work with the Race.

CARA Surveys – could go either way – positive or negative.  Common complaint heard is that the race is too early.

If more information becomes available, please pass the information along to Sherri and Bob.

CARA race attendances are all down this year.  Not many sell outs

Millennials are not running.   Race attendance is usually older adults.  (40+)

Marathon Update

Working on party.   November 12th or 19th.

Numbers are the same YOY for those signed up for training.   Lots of enthusiasm.

Couch to 5k – Nancy Zappen

Big Race is this Sunday.  (August 28th)

24 started with the training

9 are racing this Sunday/ Several folks ran earlier races.

A bunch are re-starting with the new Couch to 5k training

Fun experience

Great for new members to see ERC is not all elite runners

Call for Volunteers.   Every session for the last 2 weeks have been active with many helping out.

Some injuries

Next session starts 8/29

10k program starts also; 630p.   To accommodate people who can’t make it at 6pm.

10k race might one in Oswego.   October 29th?


CARA Update

Doug to update us ASAP.  Had previous commitment for work.

Tent looks great.

Will be set up at Fox Valley and Naperville

Bring Tear Drop banner for 5k on Sunday.


Annual Picnic:

At Nancy O’Brien’s: Sunday August 28th

Discussion on Bag Tournament and other lawn games.


Other various topics:

Elmhurst Christmas Tree – usually purchased by John

Holiday Party – hold again at Fitz’s.   Possible White Elephant or Running Items gift exchange.

Party on December 18th

Kurt Fiene – Elmhurst College Cross Country Classic.   ERC will be represented.

Elections:  Nomination period to start on 11/29.   Election to be held week of 12/12?

Meeting adjourned Rich Zappen 7:46pm.



ERC Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2016


7:03 PM – Rich Zappen calls meeting to order

Review of meeting minutes from previous meeting:  Sherri Anderson:  Suggested the removal of certain items.    Minutes Approved by Rich Zappen


Marathon Training Update:  Amy Pointon

Geared towards newer runners

Starts June 4th

2 leaders per Pace Group

Nancy Zappen:   Chicago Marathon Acceptance letters went out and ERC had 10 new members right away.

Discussion on Water/Gatorade/Volunteers

Routes TBD

Caroline coming up with schedule

Rich to come up with the weekly plan.   Give all 3 levels


Rich Zappen:

Jim Akita track workouts – 12 weeks starting in June

Jim to help with speed.   Let people understand how to set their pace.

Scale down to A & B workout.  Marathoners/Half Marathoners

6:30 pm start – Remind folks to show up by 6:20 pm to warm up.

Possibly have an event per month for marathon training group:   Massage, Q & A Panel,  etc.  Fitt RX – free class.

4 days of training: Track/Tempo/Saturday Long Run/Sunday Recovery Run

Weekly email – links to helpful information


4 on 4th Update/Bob Richards

Strong Committee

106 people signed up, 15 ahead of last year

5,000 postcards printed for distribution to promote the race.

Fleet Feet, Prairie Path Ankle & Foot :  Excited Sponsors  All Fleet Feet runners will run 5k

Cara is featuring race in newsletter

Volunteers:   Letty Delgado and Amy Pointon are organizing this.

Volunteer Spot is set up for the year.

Volunteer spot Link on ERC website, Put out link in emails

Sherri Anderson:   T-Shirts:  Navy Blue – still working on design; using flag.

Next upcoming meeting is May 10th, second Tuesday of the month.

Packet Stuffing is June 29th

FRI/SAT/SUN before the race still need volunteers

Need help distributing postcards at Willowbrook race


CARA Update/ Doug Pearson

Senior team won 1st two races.  Tied for 1st place

Need updated list of members/ Nancy Zappen will send information

Discussion turns to Treasurer Role/   Since Sandy is busy, the role needs back-up./replacement(Larry Kravets, Doug Pearson)

Upcoming races:  Quarryman, Cosley Zoo

Mistake on CARA Website on ERC information – contact is Greg Hip.   (Nancy O’Brien fixed the next morning.)

Long discussion/disagreement on tasks which need to be done for the ERC.   Discussion on frustration with lack of help, volunteers, unnecessary complaints on minor items, petty remarks on social media and assignments.    Rich Zappen, Sherri Anderson, Nancy O’Brien, Nancy Zappen, Mark Boozell



Couch to 5k Lisa Krause

Want to encourage people to join the club

Starts June 6th – 3x per week

M, W, F 7a & 6p  9 week Program

Based on online program:

Look for race on around August 6th, August 7th


Anyway to tie into Fleet Feet?


New Comers Run May 14tth, 8am

Bring Square to register new people on site.

Dave Kaczynski will ask Brewpoint to supply coffee

Annual Picnic :   August 27th  (changed to August 28th, 3pm)  Nancy O’Brien


Update on ERC Running Gear :

Setting up online orders for gear from CR Embroidery Elmhurst.  Rich and Nancy Zappen picking out items.


Question on whether or not the club will be covering fee for the Early Bird CC Meet .

Men’s & Women’s teams.  $300 per team

Friday of Labor day weekend.


Next meeting date:  July 27th.    (changed to August 24, 630p)



ERC Meeting Minutes

January 30th, 2016



Nancy O’Brien, Lisa Krause, John McKoane, John Taflan,  Buster McKoane,  Kurt Fiene, Larry Kravets, Sherri Anderson, Doug Pearson, Bob Richards, Letty Delgado, Sandy Ringelstetter, Amber Klosterman, Lisa Novak, Rich Zappen,  Missy Salek,  Melissa Correa, Sheila Kaczynski, David Kaczynski, Marge Mahoney, Carla Nickel


Sandy Ringelstetter – Review of ERC accounts.   Including expenses, memberships, recent spends.

  • Recent purchase of new Tent for use at Races, marathon training, overall PR for the club.
  • Report doesn’t include membership count / revenue.
  • $$ still outstanding on Hoodie expense. $732 spent,  $504 taken in.   4 Hoodies being used as sizing
  • Morton Arborteum membership. Expires 2/29/16.  We will renew.   $500 expense.

4 on the 4th Race report Revenue update

  • Sponsorships were big change – e.g. Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic.
  • Food, Water, Ice expenses. We paid for water this year,  which we had not done in past years.
  • One winner check is still outstanding. A few winners donate their winnings back to the club.
  • Website costs includes both 2014 and 2015 expenses.


Rich Zappen:

  • Winter Track workout; All is good.    New members showing up.
  • 4 on 4th “Race of the Year to be announced at CARA Banquet
  • Prarie Path Food Clinic committed to 2016 Title Sponsor before the end of 2015.

Lisa Krause:  Marathon Training Update:

  • Wants to consider Hydra Pouches: $5.28 each.    Reduce waste and be more eco-friendly.
  • Please send Logo to Lisa so she can order pouches.
  • Wants to consider more Advertising so we can get the word out about our Training.
  • Order Pacer Shirts
  • New Runner and Experienced Runner meeting in April with pacers
  • Question about liability with runners who may become injured
  • Sandy Ringelstetter: Risk & Compliance – must be paid members in order to participate in Marathon Training.
  • Make sure we don’t communicate to non-paid members. Make sure they’re not on email list.
  • Question on whether we should hide the training on the website
  • Couch to 5k training. Start in June, run 3x a week in the mornings.   7am start.  Walking to running.
  • Set up Volunteer Spot on ERC website or automated website to get more people to volunteer and help out.

Rich Zappen:  Recap of Annual Awards.

  • Presentation of Woman of the year award to Rose Krajewski
  • Rest of awards to be presented at ERC party

Doug Pearson:  Update on CARA Circuit/ERC

  • ERC has two tables at Banquet. Seats available.
  • Overview of CARA scoring and ERC results:
  • ERC members were the recipients of the following:
    • Senior Male of the year – 2nd year in row! 60+
    • Veteran Male, 50+
    • 2nd place, Masters Females
    • Adrienne Malec, Super Senior

Rich Zappen:   Meeting adjourned.

ERC Quarter 3 Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2015

PRESENT:  Nancy O’Brien, David Kaczynski, Marge Mahoney, Lisa Krause, Sandy Ringelstetter, Rich Zappen, Nancy Zappen, Kim Messina, Cherie Durrett, Edie Hsu, Leah Friedland, Doug Pearson, Sri Kanth, Mark Boozell

Meeting called to order by Rich Zappen


Fall Race Celebration Details:

Lisa Krause:

  • Needs to compare total spent for marathon training program for 2014.
  • Gatorade was free for 2015 training.
  • Fall Race party will be at Anyways, Lombard
  • Members will pay for drinks (after 1st drink on ERC)
  • Food will be included.

November Elections:

Nancy O’Brien, Nancy Zappen, Rich Zappen, Mark Boozell:

    • Voting to be 11/23-11/30
    • Announce winners on 12/2

Treasurers Report:

Sandy Ringelstetter:

    • Nancy O’Brien needs to cash check for annual party.
    • Membership totals:
    • 185 new (?)/142 are singles
    • 242 total for 2015
    • 237 in 2014
    • 90 new members
    • Most everyone joined on-line
    • $4,130 collected
    • Arboretum membership is $500
    • USTAF insurance is due
    • 4 on 4th Race proceeds: $1,000 contribution to Mays Family, $7,000 contribution to ECAF
    • Discussion needed on race funds being moved back to ERC. Should there be one account?  Rich Zappen/Mark Boozell/Sandy Ringsletter Ennis
    • Should Race be less expensive for members/CARA members?

Indoor Track Jan/Feb

Rich Zappen:

  • USTAF insurance was paid on 11/1.   Next step is to apply to York HS to use Field House.
  • Reminder we need access by 4:45 am for early birds.   Need Janitor’s cell phone number for contact.

Fall/Winter Socials Volunteers:

Rich Zappen, Nancy Zappen, Nancy O’Brien:

  • Tree lighting for Elmhurst discussed.
  • Tree in Villa Park discussed.
  • Should we try something new.
  • Nancy O’Brien to reserve Fitz’s for Holiday Run, December 20t.   Also order food.

Election By-laws Clarfication

Rich Zappen, Nancy Zappen, Mark Boozell, Nancy O’Brien:

  • Term of President: 2 years for 1st election, 1 year term after.
  • Term of Treasurer:  2 years for 1st election, 1 year term following.
  • Add item for agenda at Annual meeting on Jan 30th
  • Also “New Ideas” as agenda item.

Examples:   Doing something different?

  • New Ideas? New workouts.
  • Do we still want to invest in paid coaching?
      • Goals for 2016?
      • Additional orders for Hoodies/Running gear
  • Setting up automatic ordering of clothing on ERC website so we don’t have excess inventory and clothing items we can’t sell.

New Tent Bids

Nancy O’Brien:

  • Two bids:  Buy and E-Z Up, Inc.
  • Buy Shade: $1,829 +$253 in accessories. 10X15, includes multi-color print screening.   Can also purchase 9’ flags for use during Marathon training, etc.
  • E-Z UP – 10 X10 – full color – $1099.   Smaller tent, not as good of quality.

Leah Friedland from NovaCare

Leah Freidland:

  • Follow-up on 20 miler.   All positive.   Leah stayed for several hours and really helped ERC members with stretching, rolling, providing relief.
  • Fusionetics/Alter-G night for ERC members at NovaCare
  • Would injury screens at Indoor Track be helpful?  (after discussion on how early track started,  it was decided we would reschedule injury screenings for another time.)
  • Set up 1 night per month for ERC members for rollings, use of Alter-G, etc.

ERC 2nd Quarter Meeting Minutes

Elmhurst Public Library

August 19, 2015


Present:  Alexander Zatsorenko, Kurt Fiene, Amber Klosterman, Sandy Ringsletter, Nancy Zappen, Rich Zappen, Leah Friedland, Lisa Krause, Jen Bercier, Alison Matkovic, Mark Boozell, Sherri Anderson, George LeDonne, Doug Pearson, Nancy O’Brien, Letty Delgado, Edie Hsu, David Kaczynski

*Meeting called to order by Rich Zappen

*Unable to review previous meetings minutes; did not bring them to meeting.   Nancy O’Brien reminded attendee that meeting minutes are available on ERC Website

Recap of 4 on 4th:  Sandy Ringsletter.  

  • Sandy read email from Race director Bob Richards (attached) Race was great success. Will review finances at next meeting, as some sponsors have still not paid:  Superior Ambulance and Core Power being two of them.  Nancy O’Brien to follow up.
  • ERC not charged for part of timing company charges.
  • Kids race big success – 183 kids signed up.
  • Nancy Zappen: ability to get results from timing company at finish was great.
  • Sandy Ringsletter – Using Square to have runners pay was great. Able to keep track of sign ups.  Unable to track those who paid by cash/check on race day.   Recommend “Square” for next year.
  • Alex : Question on how much race shirts were?  Has contact that would charge $1 for shirt.  Would like to check other sources for 2016 4 on 4th   Discussion on how sponsorships came in late and the shirts were not ordered until June.
  • Rich Zappen: Need to start discussion on how to make even better in 2016.   Can we run the race for a profit?

Treasure Report:   Sandy Ringelstetter Ennis

  • 227 members 80 are new members
  • 237 in 2014: Membership #’s are the same as last year.
  • Need receipts for several items for 2015
  • Left over apparel: $239.82   Rich and Nancy O’Brien each have items.   Will combine.
  • Beginning Balance: 1/1/2015: $8,092.02
  • Ending Balance: 10,649.82


Update on Marathon Training :  Lisa Krause

  • Would like to purchase quality signs for training route. Use them to help advertise ERC.  Discussion on possibility of purchasing sign at York Track.   Concern over Park District objecting to advertising.  Lisa Krause will work with Rich and has informed Park District.
  • Future support events – Forum with Carey Pinkowski and would like to host one “informal” meeting at local bar for ERC members to speak with each other about Marathon experiences.
  • End of race season party will be November 14th at Anyways Bar in Lombard.
  • Marathon 20 Miler needs more volunteers to help with aid stations
  • Next year would like to try the Hydra pouch. Lisa will order.   To help with Gatorade loss /use by non ERC members.
  • Add fundraising links for ERC members on ERC website. Everyone who is fundraising for a charity can be found in one place.  Sherri Anderson:  Perhaps add to volunteer spot.
  • Letty Delgado – can we add more events to ERC Calendar.
  • Health Issues – Would like those with Health Issues to notify club before long runs.    Need to be ready in case of emergency.

Volunteers needed for New Member Welcome/Social Chair/Apparel Specialist: Rich Zappen

  • Letty Delgado will help with new apparel orders.
  • Need volunteers to help plan social events.
  • Need an individual to reach out and welcome new members as they sign up, send emails. Example:  Glen Ellyn Club.
  • Rich will solicit members for roles.

Offer from Leah Friedland – York HS Athletic Trainer – to help with Injury Screenings

Leah is works at Nova Care (York & North Avenue) and helps York High School Runners.    Leah has offered to come out to Marathon training to help with injury screening.   Runners are also welcome to come to Nova Care for screening.   Also available is Alt G treadmill for runners with injuries.    Leah to coordinate with Lisa Krause on which days she will show up after long runs.


Update on upcoming events:  Fall Race Celebration/Elections/Holiday Fun Run

  • Carey Pinkowski: Sept 21st
  • Next board meeting : October 21st
  • Fall Race Celebration: November 14th at Anyways
  • Holiday Fun Run: December 20th


CARA Circuit:   Doug Pearson

  • Senior Men’s Team currently #1 Veteran Male – 2nd Master Females 2nd Place.  Lots of Individuals doing well.   More females on circuit this year for ERC.   There are 18 races in the circuit.
  • Doug needs assistance in upcoming races with tents, he is taking some college courses and won’t be able to attend each race.
  • Need to seek prices on new tents. Our tent was recently damaged at a race due to high winds.
  • Nancy O’Brien will research tents, green and with sides. Quality tent is a must.

Other Items:

  • Carey Pinkowski Forum: Rich Zappen – how should we boost attendance?   Should we tie in with Fleet Feet.   Kurt Fiene:   Reach out to Oak Park and Glen Ellyn Clubs.  Letty Delgado  – Facebook Invite an option?
  • Water Station support for Chicago Marathon – Sherri Anderson – post link on FB page from Glen Ellyn Club.



ERC 1st Quarter Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2015

Elmhurst Public Library


PRESENT:  Bob Browne, Mark Boozell, Lisa Krause, Dave & Sheila Kaczynski, Edie Hsu, Doug Pearson, Bob Richards, Sandy Ringelstetter-Ennis, Rich & Nancy Zappen

Rich Zappen called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm

Sandy Ringelstetter-Ennis approved the minutes and Lisa Krause seconded the motion.


Sandy passed out the treasurers report and reviewed it with the group.  44 new members in 2015.  The club is carrying an inventory of hoodies & singlets.  Rich & Mark feel confident that as the year progresses and marathon training starts they will be able to sell them.  In the future they will collect the money from the people first and then place an order.

Sandy posed a question regarding the 501C3 status of the club.  Stating that she checked online and the ERC is not on the list to accept donations.  What do we need to do to change this?  Mark said he has a copy of the application from a previous year.  Sponsors are requesting a tax deductible receipt.  Sheila says to call IRS & request a copy.  Dave and Sheila offered to help to resolve this.



Would like to schedule a volunteer meeting on 5/14 or 5/21.  Sandy is going to request a room at the library and get back to us with a firm date.  At the volunteer meeting we will discuss ideas of a Question and Answer Panel Discussion for new marathoners.  Marathon training will start on Saturday, June 6th.

Rich brought up if Jim Akita should head up track again this summer?  It was suggested to make it more geared for marathon.  Track will start on June 2nd and it was discussed that maybe we should have an introductory meeting to explain the benefits of track and how it works.  Dan Walters can be an alternate to Jim if he can’t make it.



It was discussed that Fleet Feet would be joining us on Thursdays.  Lisa said we need to let the PD know if Fleet Feet has vendors.  It was agreed to start Tempo Runs on June 11th.



Doug Pearson stated that there has been a phenomenal turnout by the club at the Circuit Races so far this year.  Bob Richards said that it’s refreshing to see lots of new people.  It was discussed how best to get the race results out to the club.  Lisa Krause mentioned that not everyone wants their time out there.  So it was decided that in the weekly email blast we will put the summary report that Doug writes up and then refer people to the website for the full spreadsheet results of the race.


4 on 4th REPORT

Bob Richards stated that it’s going very well.  Great committee people this year.  It’s time to start getting volunteers for the race.  Rich said he would promote that on the email blasts.  June 24th is packet stuffing.  Sponsors are up from last year.  We don’t have a supplier for water and Gatorade this year.  Fleet Feet offered the club 2 discount shopping dates.  The board needs to determine the dates.


Dates Set for 2015 Events


Marathon Volunteer Meeting                            Thursday, May 14th or May 21st

Elmhurst Public Library


Newcomers Run                                              Saturday, May 16th at 8:00 am

2 miles out and back


Outdoor Track Starts                                       Tuesday, June 2nd

York High School Track


Marathon Training Starts                              Saturday, June 6th at 6:00 am


Annual Barbecue                                             Saturday, June 6th at 4:00 pm

Nancy O’Brien is hosting


Post Race Season Party                                  November 14th


Next board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 8th.

Rich Zappen adjourned the meeting.



ERC Board Meeting Minutes

4th Quarter 2014

January 31, 2015

Present:  Nancy O’Brien, Mark Boozell,  Sherri Anderson,  Sandy Ringelstetter-Ennis, Kurt Fiene,  Julie Bruns,  Lisa Krause,  Edie Hsu, Lori Wallace

Start with meeting minutes from quarter 3 2014.   Kurt Fiene and Julie Bruns note that we should be sharing meetings from 1st meeting of the year for 2014.   Noted that we need to post all meeting minutes on ERC website.

Treasurers Report by Sandy Ringelstetter-Ennis (attached)

4 on 4th Race Update:   Presenting sponsor is closed – Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic.     Next race meeting is Feb. 2015.

Discussion on ½ and Marathon training programs this year to appeal to different levels of runners.

Sherri Anderson running full marathon in 2015

Lisa Krause review of Marathon Training goals

  • Make training set days
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Promote more pace groups
  • Pacer meeting
  • Walk/Run Program
  • Field Trips
  • Pick which half marathon ERC should train for
  • Julie Bruns: Encourage and run different distances than marathon/half marathon.
  • Naperville discussed as possible training goal for half marathon training.
  • Tempo Thursday – need leader
  • Early AM track and tempo runs will also be alternative to evening trainin.

Arboretum cards are available for member use.  Sherri Anderson has one,  Sandy Ringsletter-Ennis has the other.

  • Discussion on Pace Groups.

CARA Circuit – need to educate club members on the circuit to encourage more participation.

Dates Set for events for 2015

Newcomer Day

Pre-marathon training party at Nancy O’Briens

Post Marathon training

Christmas Lights Run

End of  year 2015 party

Doug Pearson:  Update on ERC standing with CARA circuit.  ERC members are awarded:

  • 1st Senior
  • 2nd Veteran
  • 2nd Open Male
  • Bob Sievert
  • Encourage people to join
  • Good for Life Race is next CARA race, (April 12th) other races also coming up.

4 on 4th update Bob Richards:

  • License agreement is done – Amy Pointon and Bob
  • Immaculate Conception Parish is upset about lack of access for Parish members to park in front of church for mass.
  • Meeting is Feb 4th and we will review race plans.

Meeting adjourned.


ERC Quarter 3 Board Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2014

Elmhurst Public Library


Meeting called to order 701p Rich Zappen

Q2 Meeting Minutes Approved:  Nancy Zappen, Bob Richards, John Taflan

Present:  Board Members:  Rich Zappen, Sandy Ringelstetter-Ennis, Sherri Anderson, Nancy O’Brien

ERC Members:   Lisa Krause, John Taflan, Mark Boozell, Edie Hsu, Marge Mahoney, Larry Kravets, Nancy Zappen, Jennifer Hagstrom, Jen Bercier, Bob Copas, Doug Pearson, Jorge Valenzuela, Sheila Kaczynski, Dave Kaczynski, Alison Matkovic, Amy Pointon, Anita LeDonne, George LeDonne, Mark Krause, Bob Richards

Treasurer’s Report:  Sandy Ringelstetter-Ennis

  • Club Report
    Receipts v. Expenses Review
  • Review of CARA fees
  • Review of Website Fees

2013, more expenses :  $3,600 for Events – not certain what this included.  CARA luncheon, New ERC tent?

Online registration has been useful – has a 2.5% fee

4 on 4th Race:  Less money in 2014 due to no Title Sponsor.    Thus, Race net was down $5k


Fall Marathon Training:  Lisa Krause

Lisa:  Not much to report.

Jen Bercier:  Loved the emails, even though I was not a part of the marathon training.

Rich Zappen:  Thank you for your leadership.


Tempo Thursday:  Mark Boozell

Brief review of training program.

Attendance varied: sometimes 6 people, sometimes 20 people

Rich Zappen:  website has been helpful to get information out to members on track workout on Tuesday/Tempo on Thursday.

CARA Circuit:

1 race left for Senior Circuit in Joliet, IL.  Tight standings between Elmhurst Running Club and Evanston Running club.   Elmhurst running club Seniors most likely to land in 2nd place,  Masters:  Possible 1st (?)  Open Male:   2nd place.

Rich Zappen:   can we get ERC tent from Doug for Naperville Marathon.

Doug:   Need more females for CARA ERC team

Question from attendee on how many races need to be run to be a part of team:   Doug:  7

Election of Officers:  Sherri Anderson

Seats up for election:   VP, Treasurer, Secretary.

Previous nomination process started November 1st – runs through 11/15

11/16-11/30, election process.

Notes on process:

Annual meeting should be 1st Saturday of Feb., according to Bylaws.   Should it be moved to last Saturday of January?

Should Membership follow fiscal year or board election process.?

Sandy to file with State of Illinois to amend bylaws.

Election process – need to complete by the end of November.  John Taflan to help revise the bylaws and the voting process.   Mark Boozell to find and send electronic copy of bylaws to Sherri

Jen Hagstrom:  request for donation to help York Girls CC team with costs for Nike Regional Cross Country Meet.

  • Midwest Regional, Terre Haute, IN. Jorge Valenzuela helps coach.  Team includes ERC member’s daughters.
  • Need help to defray costs for the girls: $2676
  • ERC helped last year – $1200.
  • Girls will cover $100 of their own costs.

Rich Zappen:   Club funds are limited this year due to lack of sponsorships sold for 4 on 4th.   No extra money.

Discussion between ERC members and board on fair practices, and how much should be/can be donated.

Members motion to vote to donate $500 to Lady Kroy team.

Majority vote (18 yes).   Motion is passed.

Holiday Lights Fun Run December 14th.

Need Volunteer to run party – Nancy O’Brien volunteers


Indoor Track Report:  Rich Zappen

Need to renew USTAF Insurance on Nov. 1st/Sandy to renew.

Cost of Track:  $50 per session.

Bob Copas to approach new/(former) AD at York HS to see if we can extend indoor track through March and report back to Rich Zappen.

4 on 4th : Bob Richards

Best turnout ever

Sponsorship $$ down tremendously since Community Bank of Elmhurst backed out

Need to get insurance renewed; Insurance rates will go up due to finishers exceeding 1,000.

Need to donate to Elmhurst Children’s Assistance Fund.

Race will most likely continue to be a part of the CARA Race Circuit

Discussion on increasing cost of race on June 4th (National Runners Day) to $30 ($5 increase) for last month.

Sandi:   Review of Race Treasurers Report:

$31,000 net

$36,000 net in 2013.

Expenses flat,  + $2k in other expenses.

Net gain of $6,500 to go to ECAF – no proceeds to go to ERC

Morton Arboretum Membership:  Sherri Anderson

Didn’t take full advantage of the membership in 2014

Membership is excellent for Club training– Hills, paved, excellent for training.

Need to be sure we organize more runs.

Motion to renew membership:  Larry Kravets seconded.

Vote passed:  Morton Arboretum membership to be renewed at Partner Level for $500.


2 orders placed; considering a third order.

Why order more when we have inventory?

Need to figure out how much money was paid for orders and how much money was collected in return.

Next time, require payment upfront.

Membership communication:  Nancy Zappen

Discussion on who should use new ERC Facebook page, should it be a closed group?

Nancy Zappen will monitor.

Holiday Tree Lighting:

Elmhurst:  John McCoane to coordinate

Villa Park:  Sarah Small to coordinate

Annual Meeting date established:   Saturday, Jan. 31st, 2015.


ERC Quarter 2 Board Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2014

Elmhurst Public Library

Meeting Minutes

Rich Zappen calls the meeting to order at 702p

Sherri Anderson approves meeting minutes

Nancy Zappen seconds the meeting minutes

Treasurers Report is deferred, as Sandi is not present

  • Discussion on moving ERC bank accounts to Suburban Trust next to gazebo on Spring Road.
  • Would like on-line banking
  • Sherri, Nancy move to vote
  • Unanimous vote to move banks

4 on 4th:   Sherri reads Bob Richards report.

  • Record # of finishers: 1008
  • 1090 Bibs (People lost Bibs)
  • Waiting on CARA survey
  • Kids Race was fantastic
  • Water was possible negative
  • Awards also a problem
  • Holding shirts in Van was a good idea
  • Runners overall gave praise
  • Bob grades overall event at B+
  • Need more club members to volunteer
  • Questions on where to store remaining items from race
  • Congratulations on great event.

Doug Pearson presents report from CARA meeting.

Level of competition is just phenomal

Complaints of 4 on 4th race kid race being disorganized?   Kids running with parents?

Discussion on runners who started race 10 minutes late, and the logistical nightmare that happened because of their late start.

4 on 4th will most likely be included in the CARA race circuit.

Question on who is on the CARA race committee – Dick Pond has 3 individuals

Other concerns on 4 on 4th race:

  • Starting gun went off without warning.
  • Individual at mile 2 started clock 10 seconds late
  • Awkward Start
  • 2 sweepers needed with a rope
  • No Police escort at end.

Hoping for return of surveys – as many as possible

Bob is in Wisconsin will organize meeting when he returns.

Rich:  Year of transition.  New people stepped up.  Many came out race day,  but need to help earlier.

Sponsorships –  need more sponsorships, bigger sponsors.

Doug – Broader appeal

Nancy O’Brien to build power point sales materials

Discussion on larger organizations who donate to non-profits and provide people and donations.  Including;  Home Depot, Kohls

Doug Pearson – question about “Club” sponsors – are the 4 on the 4th sponsors and the Club sponsors one in the same?   Should they be kept separate – example:  shoe sponsors.     Was Fleet Feet asked to be sponsor?

Discussion of Club Sponsor v. Race Sponsor – example:  Athleta –wants to host ERC night at store.

Rename sponsors on website as “RACE Sponsors “  to clarify.


Outdoor track report/Rich:

  • All great.
  • Promote each week
  • 3 new people last week
  • Sherri Anderson: lots of people; consistent
  • Have to check in
  • Need to show value
  • Clipboards to track times?

Question from Lisa Krause:   Why do we pay a coach?   Same workout every year – can’t we just do them ourselves?

  • Attract more people to the club with a “name’/recognizable coach.
  • Ask Coach Jim to start tracking times
  • Rich to talk to coach to ask to track times, provide more coaching.


Tempo Thursday:

  • All good
  • Doug Pearson question– 10 miles seems to be a long distance? Lisa Krause reminds everyone they don’t need to do the entire workout.
  • Rich Zappen – keep us updated. The club has a lot to offer for members.

Fall Marathon Race training:  Lisa Krause

  • 68 people unofficial
  • 60 people expected each week.
  • Need to purchase more Endurance Gatorade – Rich Zappen will buy.
  • Lisa asks question on who do we need to ask for permission (?) City of Elmhurst or Spring Road Business association?

CARA Circuit Racing Update: Doug Pearson

  • 9 divisions
  • ERC in poistion to win Mens Senior
  • All other mens divisions, ERC is in 2nd place
  • Combined – ERC mens in 3rd
  • Women’s division – not doing as well. ERC women’s racing team members Eileen Malec and Julie Bruns are doing well in their individual racing efforts.
  • ERC Men’s should win 60 and over
  • 2nd place for Open Men’s place.
  • Questions on Banquet – is ERC still going to participate.
    • Rich Zappen – should be ok.
    • Doug Pearson: if we win 60+, Men in club should be invited to banquet.    Expect 10-12 people at table.
    • Rich Zappen – yes, ERC will participate.    Important for ERC.

Discussion on Evanston Running Club event and a challenge from one ERC Club to another.   Hoping to gather a crowd,  but the race is the day after a 14 mile training run.

Doug Pearson will compose email on event and Rich Zappen will send out to club members.

New Website Update:   Nancy Zappen

  • Website has come very far.
  • Sherri: Big Kuddos to Nancy and Rich
  • Nancy: 33 people have joined online.
  • Hoping to load more pictures.
  • Training page for marathon workouts will be added.
  • Direct people to the website.

Morton Arborteum:   Sherri Anderson

  • Need to promote the Arborteum Card to members for their use.
  • Need to do group outing
  • Membership is good until 12/31/14
  • Need to organize runs
  • What can we do to promote it? Blast?  Website mentions?


ERC branded apparel :  Larry Kravets

Larry shows possible options:  Singlets, T-shirts, Jackets with embroidery.

Can buy shirts from Eastbay and use screening guy in Lombard.

Board decides to start with training shirts and singlets by East Bay.

Doug Pearson suggests we buy extra.

Will give green or white option,  order all of the same style.   Reminder that the singlet runs big.


Elmhurst College Earlybird Cross Country Invitational:  Sherri Anderson

  • $150 per team
  • $300 Mens and Womens combined
  • Not enough interest. Race is 8/29, day before CARA circuit race.
  • Discussion on promoting it and presenting to club members to see who is interested.


Athleta – Rich Zappen – wants to host ERC night at store.

Question on track – when will it end?   Week York starts school – 8/16.

Discussion on next meeting date:   Oct. 22nd,  630p.

Nancy O’Brien moves to adjorn

Nancy Zappen seconds.



ERC Board Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2014

Elmhurst Public Library

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Attendees: Rich & Nancy Zappen, Nancy O’Brien, Sherri Anderson, Doug Pearson, Alex Zatsorenko, Leo Kular, Anita & George LeDonne, Bob Richards, Daniela Poenar

President Rich Zappen:  4th on the 4th:

  • 10th Annual race will be hosted on July 4 at 7:15 a.m. at Elmhurst College
  • Big need for sponsors since Community Bank of Elmhurst is no longer title sponsor
  • Alex Z – offered $1500 commitment from his business (platinum level)
  • Discussion on Fleet Feet : “No go” on Fleet Feet,  Runners Sole is exclusive sponsor
  • Dave Zimmer is returning as owner of Fleet Feet to the Elmhurst location
  • 4 on 4th is a lot of work year round, club needs to recognize that it takes involvement
  • Need to plug for volunteers on race day and in advance (packet stuffing, pick-up)
  • Need to find someone to organize volunteers
  • Lady KROY team will be asked to volunteer given the donation they received this year
  • Should we use Constant Contact to market?
  • Schedule time to meet with John Kohlman, race director for Oak Park’s Race That’s Good for Life 5K – premier event to emulate
  • Next race meeting: April 16, 7pm at Fitz’s Spare Keys

Website Discussion:   (Participating in discussion:  Alex Z, Rich, Nancy Zappen, Sherri, Nancy O’Brien)

  • Discussion of adding paypal to website
  • Signmeup is used for race registration already
  • 2nd party fees involved in these transactions, but it is worth the convenience
  • Requires extra security to offer ecommerce for membership renewal
  • Would like to see a fresh, clean, site since site was stripped and now reflects 2010
  • Rich would like to pursue other parties to revamp website. Will not be using old website materials
  • Alex Z: I’m here to help.  Offers to help put website up, restore old website (2013).  Anyone else could be administrator.
  • Elliott Kaufman/ owns original domain. Has been contacted and trying to help with problems with old website.
  • Nancy Zappen has purchased new domain name:
  • Matt Rafferty could help
  • Need to get website up – lots of inquiries about joining club and we are unable to give them a website addresss.
  • Need accurate website to help recruit new members, notify members


Outdoor TrackTuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at York High School, June-August

  • Outdoor track discussion on who will coach. Charlie Kerns name is mentioned as possible candidate.  He was coach several years ago.
  • Rich Zappen: Get the best to provide training for our members
  • Encourage walker/runners to participate
  • Reach new people
  • Other candidates: Jim Akita, Annette Schulte, Matt Beisel (ask Julie Bruns), Mike Lucchesi (Naperville Running Store)

Marathon TrainingSaturdays at 6:00 a.m. from June-October

  • Sandy Ringsletter/Betty Starek were co-chairs last year; both willing to support but not lead this summer.
  • Need someone to volunteer as the leader; 18-wk commitment can be daunting
  • Put in writing, post in writing – will schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss options
  • Bill and Amy Sanders could perhaps help; Larry Kravets discussed as possible leader

Upcoming Calendar of Events:

  • Newcomers Run. Discussion on possible name change: New members Run?  Ring in  Spring?
    • Bob Richards – change time to later?
    • Suggestion to consider hosting twice a year: spring and fall?
    • Move to Saturday or Sunday? (conflicts with Annie Ryan Run on 5/18)
  • Decision is made to keep date of Saturday, May 17 at 7 a.m. at the Gazebo
  • Annual Picnic – Saturday, May 31 at 4p.m., Nancy O’Brien to host
  • Marathon Training Info Meeting: Saturday, June 7; Training begins Saturday, June 14
  • Outdoor track to start Tuesday, June 10
  • Next Quarterly Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 16 at Elmhurst Public Library

Discussion Items:

  • Questions on who has ERC Tent (Doug), Timing clock (Kurt Fiene)
  • Doug – requested names of new members each week to submit for CARA Roster
  • Discussion on ERC Poster – “Let’s go for a run!” features pictures of members
  • Kids Running Club – Decision is made that we cannot hold Kids Running Club this year. Not sure if Nancy Blum and Kurt Fiene are hosting?
    • Large number of members joined due to Kids Running Camp
    • What is financial impact of losing family memberships?

Rich Zappen moves to adjourn the meeting.

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